Audio Drive In-Out met Aux Raus

Take your car, park, tune in and vibrate

6 Oct 2006

Radios with CARS attached. A gabba punk band and their copycats. A car park full of boomcars and passenger vehicles. Cranked up, FULL VOLUME. This was the Audio Drive of Sasker Scheerder and Aux Raus.


Aux Raus Drive In at Mediamatic - Entrance

On Friday 6th October the Post CS parking space was transformed into a raucous DRIVE-IN arena. The transmission of the gig was reinforced by tuning your own car RADIO.

Drums, guitar and vocals each got their OWN radio frequency. Each car stereo in the parking space received only one part of the live sound. Participating car owners assumed the role of musician, producer and sound technician.

Alongside participating cars, Scheerder and Aux Raus had the assistance of several BOOMCARS. Boomcars were made to deliver the most sound and deepest bass possible outdoors.

See the Audio Drive Demo at . For the clickboomers among us.

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