Swap Shoppe

A lively exchange of goods and services by Lauren Schaefer

"Never took that box to goodwill? Have homemade crafts for trade? Require help with gardening? Unsure how to fix that bike? Addicted to Craigslist’s Free section? Visit the Swap Shoppe, a lively way to participate in the exchange of goods and services. Each day you can post on the want/need/have list, earn Schwapbucks or simply browse the loot. The project also serves as a platform to explore new ways of consuming, emerging economic realms and alternative currencies. Visit the Swap Shoppe any day of the conference and see what kind of unequalled exchange you can make!"


swap shoppe lauren schaefer -

Lauren Schaefer's project 'Swap Shoppe' was presented as part of the 'Open Engagement' conference, a free annual, international conference on socially engaged art at the Portland State University that sets out to explore various perspectives on art social practice and expand the dialogue around socially engaged art making. Each year, the conference themes are directly related to the research and inquiry of the students in the Art and Social Practices Program.

As a student in Collaborative Design at PNCA, Schaefer spent her first year exploring ideas of economy and consumption and presented her alternative ethos alongside other artists and creative practioners in The Open Engagement "Economies" line of programming that takes to task the economic sector and examines ideas of value alongside systems of exchange. The general idea behind the micro-exchange of 'Swap Shoppe' was to very casually set up a sort of pop up economy outside the context of our daily consumerist reality and sense the response that was elicited by conference attendees.

Schaefer currently attends the Pacific Northwest College of Art for a Master of Fine Arts in Collaborative Design. She considers herself both an artist and a designer with a focus on the impact that art and design can have on solving social, environmental, technological and economical issues in Portland, Oregon specifically.