project: Carolina Caycedo

Day to Day

Personalized exchanges

Artist Carolina Caycedo trades personal possessions and services. She creates art that discusses concepts of boundaries such as those between producers and consumers, professionals and amateurs, between art and society.


Carolina Caycedo - Day to Day - Photo from

Day to Day (2002-2009) is a public barter network of personalized exchanges created by Carolina. It offers alternative ways of meeting business and personal needs- without using money.

Day to Day has visited cities like Vienna, London, San José, Berlin, New York and Los Angels. Carolina gave: Spanish lessons, salsa dance lessons, baby sitting, internet research, pick up packages, and more. People gave: food, movie tickets, printers, an airplane ticket to Colombia, sneakers and more. With this she learned the ability to trust, immense confidence in her own social skills, no fear of zero cash flow, a string of allies dotted around the globe and overall hope.