Roomware — RFID workshop

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Roomware is a software application running in a defined physical space. People in a Roomware space can use the services running on a local server through their mobile phone, laptop or other digital media. The Roomware Project is an open-source framework.


Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens -

Workshop approach

This is a 2 part workshop in which you learn how to work with Roomware, and in which you design your own fresh Roomware application.
We'll kick off with an informal afternoon of introductions by the Roomware creators and brainstorming on the possibilities of Roomware in combination with RFID interfaces. The following week is used to formulate ideas online, to research and hare how to do things, and see who'd like to work on what idea together with whom. And all this will culminate one day coding frenzy where ideas will be realized and presented. The workshop will coched by the original developers of the Roomware Project.

For who?

Coders of all trades, nerds, mobile- and interface developers and interaction designers with some coding skills (please call if you're unsure). If you are interested in exploring how to reach out of the screen and how to build a cool wireless application then you're in the right place.


Tijs Teulings, Robert Gaal, and James Burke creators of the Roomware project.


€ 195 (incl. VAT) and including lunch and diner on May 24th.

Information and registration

You can register online here:
For questions please contact Klaas Kuitenbrouwer or Deborah Meibergen:
Or by phone +31 (0) 20 638 9901