100 frontera avatars, and counting... Robin Gareus, Arjan Scherpenisse, Eelco Wagenaar

Last days of Frontera v.2 and Crosswire

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the 5 days off exhibition, along with the installation produced within the AiR (Artist in Residence) programme at Montevideo. Closing this weekend.

23 Jul 2008
26 Jul 2008

Frontera v.2 by Lilia Perez, and Crosswire - in search of the synesthetic effect, curated by Maurizio Martinucci are being shown until this Saturday at the Netherlands Institute for Media Art, Montevideo Time based arts.


fronterarticle1.jpg - Frontera v.2 by Lilia Perez with Robin Gareus, Arjan Scherpenisse, and Eelco Wagenaar / Photo by Eelco Wagenaar

Frontera v.2
In an age where one ruling paradigm regarding technological art is physical interactivity, it’s only natural that one of the oldest visual representation practices, that of portrayal, transforms accordingly. This fact has been acknowledged in literature and cinema, thus interactive portraits have become integrated into our image of the future. Frontera v.2, by Mexican artist Lilia Perez Romero has been created within this scope of works and it could represent a first approach towards realising what others have envisioned. This interactive installation consists of two main components: a video booth and a playback screen. The video booth acts like a tool with which spectators can create interactive selfportraits. These portraits are shown on the playback screen and react to the movements of the spectator as if they were dissociated mirror images. Touch and communication are key ingredients in this project for which an open source application was developed.
Art Direction / concept Lilia Perez; programming engineers: Arjan Scherpenisse and Robin Gareus; videobooth: Eelco Wagenaar

The exhibition “Crosswire” (a neologism derived from the neurological notion of crossed connections wiring different areas in the brain of real synesthetes) is the first show by Optofonica, aimed at selecting and presenting installations in which different media intermingle and effectively unfold into both inner and outer spaces, simultaneously abstract and concrete at different levels.
Crosswire includes works by: Sagi Groner, Aernoudt Jacobs, Kaffe Matthews, Telcosystems, TeZ & Janis Pönisch
(In collaboration with 5days off Media)

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday and first Sunday of the month, 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.
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