Bio Lab Training

Gain essential skills for doing your own microbiological experiments

18 أيار / مايو 2016

The laboratory is obviously not your standard workplace, and comes with its own set of rules and safety measures. This training is a fun and informative way of familiarising with this special environment. For example: how do you create a suitable habitat for your micro-organisms? What is the best pouring technique? What does the mushroom kingdom look like? You can at least be sure of one thing: after this day you will be fully prepared for your future work at the Bio Clean Lab. You won't have to do the training if you can provide proof of experience with laboratory work.

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24-01-2014 Bio Industry Cleanlab - Working in the Bio Clean Lab - Kasia from University of Utrecht gives instructions. The Lamina Flow air hood allows for a sterile work environment. This makes up half of the Clean Lab space. The fruiting bodies of magic mushrooms have been illegal in Holland since 2007, however, the spores are not. During this workshop we will make a substrate for the mushrooms to grow on. In our mobile Clean Room we will infect the substrate with spores of the psilocybe cubensis. You take the substrate home, where it will turn into mycelium

The Workshop

You will be doing a variety of fun exercises during this course, all to help you understand the environment you will be working in. These shall include:

  • Pouring agar, the base for most of your experiments
  • How to cultivate microorganisms
  • Safe use of the laboratories' facilities and what to do in case of danger
  • An intro to the exciting world of microbiology, different organisms and their kingdoms

Can you just not wait to get started? Get even more excited by watching these videos:

Basic Lab Training
Saturday May 18
From 19:00 till 21:00
This training will be in English
Tickets: €20,-
Coffee and tea included

Mediamatic Biotoop , Dijkspark 6 Amsterdam