Fashion Swap

Swap clothes at Toko deLux

25 Nov 2012

In collaboration with Toko van Timur (an initiative from Amsterdam East) we organised Toko deLux. Visitors swapped the sweater that, honestly, looked better on the mannequin, last year's winter coat they wore too often, or the dress that was either too big or too small but still in mint condition. They went home happy and with a new wardrobe.


Swapping clothes at TokodeLux - During Fashion Swap at Mediamatic Fabriek Anca

Toko van Timur

Toko van Timur is a small-scale, durable initiative from the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam. You don't need money to participate. Apart from swapping clothes and books, you can also make creative swapping suggestions. Click here to find out more about Toko van Timur (Dutch).


Trying on the skirt at Toko deLux - During Fashion Swap at Mediamatic Fabriek Anca


New hair clip for the young lady - During Fashion Swap at Mediamatic Fabriek Anca

More information

Fashion Swap was part of Ruilen, an exhibition and series of events about swapping, from October 20 to January 6. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from 13.00 to 18.00 in Mediamatic Fabriek.