Caspar Menkman


Dev Camp Day 3

Camilo and Thjeu are essential in making the projects work. They brought their own tools and are building the (wooden) frames to house the installations.


tools -

At the moment there are just two projects that requested their services. The ikScream and Blow your sock on! projects are massively benefiting from the high amount of time the carpenters still have.

Camilo and Thjeu are churning out perfectly finished wooden structures. Undoubtedly they will be higher in demand the next two days when the pressure is growing.

They already finished a frame that will be used to house the television that is used for the ikScream project. The TV will show continuous images of people screaming into the installation. Also they are busy building the color station that is used for the alcohol induced coloring of the woolen yarn used in the sock making project. Sounds complicated? It is.