Over Datum Eetclub 4

Bring your own Jar with Robert Bochove

9 Aug 2011

How to top Pascal Jalhay's All Star Over Datum Eetclub? Robert Bochove added some sugar and spice and everything nice. With the help of our guests, who enthusiastically sauteed, stirred, and chopped all night, we ended up with a delicious and diverse dinner. At the end of the night, our dinner guests got to fill their jars with leftovers and their bags with left over products!


Portret "Repelsteeltje" - Over Datum Eetclub 4 - Bring Your Own Jar Edition

This week's Over Datum star chef was Chef de cuisine at Cafe Noorderlicht, Robert Bochove. This hotspot situated on the Northern shore of the IJ river was awarded a glorious 9- by notorious restaurant critic Johannes van Dam. Not bad at all. Robert showed us there’s no such thing as useless leftovers, skillfully combining a myriad of ingredients into a delicious dinner. Professional cooks Andrea Sossi, Lea Oosterling and Tinda van Smoorenburg lent their assistance, organizing the chopping of fruit, the stir-frying of vegetables, and the stirring of soups. Andrea Sossi even added helpful cooking hints with his directions, teaching us all some secrets from the kitchen!

Digging into the depths of their fridges and the dusty corners of their cupboards, our guests came through once again with all the ingredients from Robert’s grocery list. Our tables were overflowing with bread, yogurt, gelling sugar, spices, vinegar, dried fruit, bouillon cubes, vegetables, tomatoes, garlic, and onions.

With the directions of our ingenious chef, we all combined these ingredients into a great menu for the night:
Tuscan bread salad
Spicy tomato and vegetable soup
Leek and potato soup
Potato and egg salad with rucola
Caponata of seasonal vegetables with vinegar-soaked raisins
Fruit salad with homemade thickened yogurt

And of course, all our guests who brought their own jars got to take home chutneys and jams that had been cooking slowly all night!

See what everyone brought to dinner in our Over Datum Eetclub portrait series! And watch everyone in action in the gallery.

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Over Datum Eetclub serves as an act of rebellion against wasting food, and is a wake-up call for all those who anxiously cling to expiration dates. Join us, and regain faith in your own judgment and senses.

Over Datum Eetclub is part of the Pièce de Résistance exhibition.

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The following stores and suppliers donated their Over Datum products to this edition.

  • Organic food for you- Vijzelstraat
  • Panathea olive oil