workshop: EAT ART collective

Workshop: Powder to the People

PROEVEN: Experimenting with Emulsifiers

20 Nov 2017

A successful emulsion is the secret to many smooth food products. Mayonnaise, margarine, ice cream, salad dressings, milk, custard, you name it. There are many household tricks to make it yourself, but sadly, they often fail. In this workshop, you will discover additives and food technologies with your own hands. We will take a look at how the industry uses non-domestic additives and make an attempt to understand and copy their approach.

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Have you ever wondered why we can't make the industrial food that we eat everyday ourselves? If we could, would that lead to more healthy, affordable, nutritious food and less food waste? Together with EAT ART collective, Mediamatic aims to democratize the benefits of the food industry and bring them back home. Meet the components of these products and get your hands dirty in this experimental workshop.


Panoramic of Powder to the people workshop - Guests enjoy an introduction to emulsifiers before diving in to create their own Anisa Xhomaqi

Throughout the evening, EAT ART collective will provide you with information on the additives you’re using, recipes you can try at home and challenges to solve within a group effort. You will leave with a do-it-yourself kit, allowing you to continue your experimentation in the comfort of your own home. Joining the temporary research team of any ‘PROEVEN#’ means access to the growing ‘Powder-To-The-People’ database, where you can add, read and exchange your own experimental results, from anywhere around the globe.


The ‘PROEVEN#’ are a series of experimental workshops organized by EAT ART collective. Their latest fascination revolves around a more sustainable food system: how can food processing technology and functional additives be introduced into our kitchens and make a positive contribution to the way we eat?

EAT ART collective

EAT ART collective looks for alternative ways of feeding the planet beyond the regular food industry. They think that if we, the people, can make our own educated choices in the longevity of our bread, the volume of our chicken, the nutritional value of our rice and the price of our taste, then the overall effect on the planet might surprise us all.


Food technology expert analyzing the creations of the participants - Trying to distinguish if this mixture was an oil in water or water in oil mix. Anisa Xhomaqi


Workshop: Powder to the People
Monday 20 November, 19:00 - 21:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Regular €25,-/ Student €20,- (excl. Administration fee)