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Winnaar DOEN pitch. Dit project heeft inmiddels een DOEN Clinic gevolgd

I would like to develop and setup a public system for storing and sharing a heritage knowledge database. Making it accessible for everybody I hope this will stimulate growing and making our own products. Replace mass consumption with sustainable creativity.


show_how - Dima Stefanova

In my life time I have witnessed dramatic life style changes.
My grandmother did not eat fresh tomatoes during the winter, did not produced 14 kg of garbage every week and has worn down and recycled most of the stuff she has gathered during her life. I found the generation of my grandmother and my mother a great source of knowledge in relation to a sustainable and respectable way of living. As part of the inevitable circle of life this generation will no longer be there, together with the know-how, when we need it most. How to build a sustainable house, how to grow and preserve ones own food, how to knit ones own sweater.
Sustainable living was part of the former generations daily life. Changes in our future way of life will again direct our attention to it. The present generation has the opportunity to record and collect as much knowledge about it as possible.

Ofcourse there are tons of recipes and videos how to make this and how to make that. But a large percentage of this data is commercialized and popularized. An other part is spread across different platforms and costs a lot of digging to make valuable results effective.
A large percentage of the source generation does not use any recording technology and does not take part in the world wide network.
To bridge this gap, I would like to build up a network of so called save-how agents with roots in different cultures, interested in recording and collecting authentic knowledge.
The focus of the recording can be anything about the potential of resources, craft and products in our direct environment. The attitude to it too.

The idea is:
- phase one: each save-how agents gets a package with a mini video recorder and a simple documentations and instructions folder to note documentation information.....;
- phase two: start recording the making of….. ;
- phase three: uploading the video material together with the documentation information to the content management system developped for this purpose.

When ready he/she hands over the package to another save-how agents.

plan in motion:
- set up a network of save-how agents, possible collaboration with “mediamatic travel” network.;
- develop record-how archive system;
- produce and distribute record-how archive packages supplied by; camera-mini + documentation-archive system;
- develop and setup a public content system to store and share the gather data.
- set up database;
- organize streaming server;

Together with the technical part for setting this project up I would like to develop a system for stimulating both the save-how agent and the show-how master. Ideal would be to create a fonds for participation of anybody interested in financing, or supporting the building of this database (researchers, the public, local business etc.).