Botanikurs 101: Repotting

with PLANTMOM Monai McCullough 

15 Dec 2018

Botanikurs* is a series of workshops and classes focused on plants. We invite you to learn and explore the life of plants and its systems as well as master taking care of your plants at home! This program will cover topics from repotting and plant pests to cuttings and will also incorporate master classes for advanced “planty” projects! Curious about how to become a better plant parent? Join us to unlock the secrets of the green world and more! 

*Botanikurs = Botany (the science of plant life) + Kurs (the German word for 'course')

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Trying to learn about repotting is always fun! - Tia Torok

Botanikurs: Repotting 101 with PLANTMOM Monai McCullough  

Learn to repot your green friends! In this workshop, we will learn about different ways to repot plants, the benefits of different types of materials and vessels as well as what to expect after repotting and basic care for plants. In this 1.5 hour workshop using plants with different types of root systems, we will get down and dirty* and discuss why the right pot matters! Indoor plant enthusiasts, novice plant owners, and plant newbies are all invited to join and take home a newly potted plant!

Nightgarden 1

Botanikurs is followed by Night garden: 1. If you got ticket for the workshop you can attend Night Garden for free, so stick around after your repotting course and dance the night away! 


Workshop: Botanikurs: Repotting 101
Saturday 15 December, 20:00 - 21:30
Tickets: Regular: €25,-  | Students: €17.50,- |(including €1,10 administration costs)  
Attendance limited to 15 people
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam