Meet Up: Margherita Soldati

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist

5 Jul 2019

Margherita Soldati is an artist represented by Mediamatic. She will be a regular attendee of the Mediamatic Biotoop with scheduled consults for you to attend. Exchange your ideas and sign up for a one on one with Margherita Soldati.

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Guest meeting with Margherita -

For Whom?

Are you stuck with your project? Close to finishing your finals at art academy? Do you need advice on how to work with textile structures? The conversations with Margherita are meant for anyone who has a special interest in how objects and materials are in relation with our bodies and senses, and how these relations create a secondary effect on human behaviour. In a society that relies mainly on sight, Margherita Soldati wants to make possible to ‘see’ with other senses by creating intimate, personal and interactive relations between her works and the visitors.

Exchange your ideas.

During the consults you will sit down with Margherita Soldati to discuss you work, ideas and challenges. You can expect an honest talk filled with (unwanted) advice and original ideas. The conversations will take place in the Aquaponics Farm at the Biotoop. A green location for some thorough thought exchange.

Margherita Soldati

A few years ago Margherita found herself obsessed by manipulating textile to create organic and repetitive shapes. When she applied them on pillows and simple objects for patients suffering from mental diseases (Alzheimer, Dementia), she was surprised to realise how they could benefit from being stimulated by textile patterns. Therefore, she started wondering how she could integrate textile and tactile surfaces in our life: the natural next step was to embrace the flexibility and malleability of the material to imagine new possibilities to alter standard architectural elements. The interventions and the interactive environments that she creates aim to trigger a moment of genuine reaction of surprise and curiosity which involves a more active and aware use of our senses. The investigation of alternative ways to infiltrate architecture with tactile textile surfaces keeps on raising new personal research points on how to cross-examine the blurring line between the traditional function of surfaces and more stimulating encounters with our daily surrounding.

Margherita's work "the Skin is the Extension of the Brain" is currently displayed at Mediamatic.

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You can sign up for the meeting on 12th of July with Margherita by sending your request to:

You can book a single Meet Up of half an hour. If you want a Follow Up, you can schedule that on that day with the artists.