Pigeon Tower Dominik Einfalt, Arne Hendriks


Feb '21 – Pigeon Tower 06

The construction of this tower is mainly focused on speed and efficiency. It is a simple square design so we did not have to trim the blocks.

To press them we organized a ‘Gentle Disco’. We gently danced on top of them with music on. This works faster than the block press that we used for tower 05, although the result is slightly less accurate. Because only one mushroom crop was collected from these blocks, Disco provides passers-by and neighbours with an abundance of delicious yellow oyster mushrooms.



Yellow - Pigeon Tower 07 Ben Hopley

Period: 4 December 2020
Mycelium: Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Weather: Cloudy, 6 degrees, light rain
Supplier: John Verbruggen B.V.
Type: Square, 185cm high