Pigeon Tower Nehis Osagie, Arne Hendriks


June '20 – Pigeon Tower 01

The first tower of mycelial waste. Living material. We mainly wanted to start. With a lot of enthusiasm but little precision or consultation.

The uneven blocks were stacked intuitively. We filled the holes with a mixture of mycelium, straw and water. Someone said, the wall seems to be leaning a bit ... We tried to save the tower, with plastic wrap and side aisles, but unfortunately, after only a few hours Babel fell over.

This is not how we should treat living material.


Babel - Pigeon Tower 01 Ben Hopley


Period: 20 June 2020
Mycelium bricks: Shitake mushrooms, 30x20x20cm
Weather: Sunny, 22 degrees.
Supplier: Wouter Hassing, Mycophylia mushroom nursery, Lelystad.
Type: Round, diameter 110cm, height 180cm.