Pigeon Tower Arne Hendriks, Nehis Osagie, Andy Cartier


June '20 – Pigeon Tower 02

We put the remains of the collapsed tower from the first experiment in a long burlap tube. Burlap is a biodegradable textile, and provides structure and nourishment for the mycelium. We rolled up the burlap tube like a big turban. We hoped the mycelium would continue to grow in the burlap and merge into one strong structure. But it didn't.

The mycelium had already lost its vitality due to our mishandling combined with very hot and sunny weather. After a few weeks, the tower was removed and the mycelium composted. Maybe burlap deserves another chance.


Jute - Pigeon Tower 02 Ben Hopley


Period: 22 June 2020
Mycelium: Shitake. Processed blocks from the collapsed tower 01.
Weather: Sunny, 22 degrees, Dry
Supplier: Wouter Hassing, Mycophylia mushroom nursery, Lelystad.
Type: Round, 190cm high.