Pigeon Tower Dominik Einfalt, Arne Hendriks


Oct '20 – Pigeon Tower 04

The blocks of mycelium from mushroom grower John Verbruggen that we used to build are wide and heavy, and so they give us more security when stacking than in previous towers.

Because we wanted to create a round shape, we gently pushed the blocks together on one side to create a smaller inner circle. We also strengthened the walls by sticking willow branches through them. Jan van Schaik, the willow man, gave advice. The fire bowl functions as a temporary roof. In the dark below, the mycelium grows much more vigorously than in the light. After two weeks the tower started tilting.


Gentle - Pigeon Tower 04 Ben Hopley

Period: 23 October 2020
Mycelium: Grey Oyster Mushroom. Rectangular blocks.
Weather: -
Supplier: John Verbruggen Paddestoelen B.V.
Type: Round diameter 180cm, height 160cm.