Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

Marguerite d'Ervau

Exhibition and Workshops Assistant



After completing my MA in European studies, I joined Mediamatic as an exhibition and workshops assistant with the desire to curate impactful exhibitions, workshops and events.

During my time at Mediamatic, I have conceptualized and produced new workshops, and participated in the production of exhibitions and events.

From creating new workshops to collaborating with artists, but also learning how to bend metal (in my first week!), I have learned a lot during my time at Mediamatic. 


Marguerite making flyer stands -

As an exhibition assistant, I oversaw the upkeep of the current exhibitions around Mediamatic and was in charge of the maintenance of the Hortus Dijkspark. For Beftival, a festival featuring over thirty artists during Museumnacht, I collaborated with artists Pleun van Dijk, Bert Sliggers, Eva Schippers and Sam Nemeth in making their vision become a reality. I also organized the Weekend of Science, taking care of the conceptualization, the production and the communication of the event. We developed Mediamatic's program to cater to our younger visitors and make the Biotoop more accessible to families.

I have created two new workshops during my time at Mediamatic, Under the Harbour with Mariko Hori and Radical Embroidery with Desirée Hammen. For both workshops, I oversaw the conceptualization, communication, and production, in collaboration with each artist. Moreover, I assisted the workshops manager daily in producing all of the wonderful workshops that Mediamatic offers.


A participant smelling - Under the Harbour -

My time at Mediamatic has reinforced my creativity, my capacity to solve problems (including in stressful situations) and my ability to think outside the box. Being an exhibition and workshops assistant has enhanced my qualities as a team player, allowed me to expand my practical skills and strengthened my eye for detail. I am very grateful to have met and worked with amazing artists and such a great team, especially my two supervisors, Anne Lakeman and Elise Chalcraft, and my exhibition co-assistant/partner in crime Sadhbh O’Donnell. 


Originally from Brest (France), I came to Amsterdam after a BA in History and Political Science in Paris to do my MA in European identity and integration at the University of Amsterdam. With a background in social sciences and a love for museums, I am very interested in seeing how social issues, sustainability and art intertwine – and take part of the change in cultural institutions to be more inclusive and relevant. 

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