T - Under the Harbour

Transforming Scents into Melody

1 Jan 4300

Have you ever wondered what the harbour underwater smells like? -Of course not! Well, now you have the chance to experience transforming your interpretations of a scent into music. Guided by artist Mariko Hori, you can come experience the Oosterdok in a new light. Thanks to a diving bell system placed at the bottom of the harbour, you will discover the smell of the Oosterdok underwater and transform your personal perceptions of this scent into a melody.

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Under the Harbour objects - Eszter Jámbor

The origins of the project

Under the Harbour originated from Mariko Hori’s idea to create a setting where the experience of smelling the underwater could be shared with others, right at the place where the scent is originating from. In Japan, especially in Kodo (“way of the fragrance”), the verb ‘listen’ also refers to experiencing scents: listening is not only with ears and the nose, but also the mind, as you admire and enjoy the scent slowly. Transforming interpretations of the scent into a melody will transpose a personal sensory experience into one that can be enjoyed together.

What you will do

This workshop will start with an introduction by Mariko Hori, who will guide you through the origins and the significance of this project. Through a diving bell system placed at the bottom of the dock and designed to trap the air under the water, the scents of the Oosterdok will be captured and pumped to the surface to be smelled by the participants of the workshop. You will then approach the table connected to the diving bell and smell the harbour, in a small jar. After reflecting on this scent, you will fill out a form to describe and rate your interpretation of the smell. Do you find the scent to be more dark or light? Is it simple or complicated? With your results, your scent chart will be translated into a melody. The group will then collectively listen to each participant's perception of the smell of the Oosterdok water.

Mariko Hori

Mariko Hori is an artist who often works with found objects to represent a certain ambience. She has studied architecture and graduated from Kyoto Seika University in Japan. Her works, consisting mainly of installations, are a study of alternative ways of architecture without building. Her works are characterised by modest but unique choices in materials and very careful and deliberate positionings.


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Date, 13:00-15:00
Attendance is limited to 10 people. We maintain a minimum of 5 participants.
Please note that this workshop will be held in English.
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