Which paper works & doesn't work for the printer

Needs to be edited everytime you know more about one paper specifically :)


graphicroom -

In the graphic room, we have different type of paper. Some of them are quite old and some other more new and useful.

Here is a little list of which >> paper works on the big printer:

  • 180 gram coated paper (0.60 m wide and 1 m wide)
  • Vinyl sticker paper (1 m wide)
  • 170 gram High white satin photo paper (1 m wide)
  • 120 gram matt product poster paper (0.60 m ide)
  • 180 gram Polyester canvas (1 m wide)

 >> and doesn't work

  • 110 gram Blue back paper (1 m wide) > it could go to the printer but the ink doesn't go in the paper