Sept '22 - Feb '23

Kumi Allen

Graphic design assistant


Kumi -

My name is Kumi Allen and I worked at Mediamatic as a graphic design assistant for 6 months during my Erasmus placement year. I am now returning to London to finish my Graphic Design BA at Kingston School of Art. The experience I had at Mediamatic is one that taught me a great deal about how to conduct myself in a working environment and how to have independence and confidence in my own work. I also met some truly wonderful people along the way.  

During my time at Mediamatic I was given the opportunity to be part of some really innovative and exciting projects. My personal favourite was when Mediamatic took part in Museumnacht and I was given the freedom to produce some really playful imagery and got to see the projects I worked on come to life. I learnt that at Mediamatic they are always keen to hear new ideas and discover what you are most passionate about, so my advice for anyone joining as an intern would be to speak up. Have your ideas heard, even if they seem too far fetched, because I guarantee someone will be excited to listen.

Cheers Mediamatic!