100 Years of Learning , The Harmony of Disorder: Functionality in Messy Cities, Living Tower Talks, A Table for All: A Non-hierarchical Culinary Experience, Strong like a Weed

Matilda Mulder

Exhibition assistant (she/her)


Veggie Portrait. Matilda - Matilda chose the purple cabbage.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Hey there, I’m Matilda! As an exhibition assistant I worked on the production of exhibitions and events between February 6 and August 18, 2023.

What I tried to investigate during my time at Mediamatic is how art spaces can foster through their activities the creation of multispecies integrated urbanities.

The first initiative I was involved with was the first-ever edition of The Japanese Knotweed Festival. Throughout the project, I oversaw the realization of Alaa Abu Asad’s thought-provoking adaptation of The Dog Chased its Tail to Bait it off. Simultaneously, I helped kickstart the Japanese Knotweed symposium, a two-day event where we brought together artists, researchers, scientists, designers, and even the Amsterdam municipality to craft holistic solutions to the intricate knotweed matter.

Subsequently, my role transitioned to a close collaboration with artist researcher Arne Hendriks, on his co-creative project “100 Years of Learning.” My responsibilities encompassed the organization of Gentle Discos, writing reports and assisting the curation and conception of the Living Tower Talks, started in May 2023. 

I am thankful for the insights gained at Mediamatic. I feel that my understanding of curatorial practices has now deepened as well as my enthusiasm for innovative forms of curation. I am excited to do more in this field..Let's see what unfolds! :)