Matilda Mulder

Living Tower Talks

So much to learn. So much time.

During the monthly Living Tower Talks, co-curated by Arne Hendriks and Clemens Driessen, we come together to learn, discuss and rethink how we live. Mycelium-waste-pigeon-towers are taken as teachers in an open-ended process of co-learning. Participants from all walks of life are invited to take part as to make the talk as enriching as possible. Read on our blog the reflections that have emerged from our recent discussions!


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The Living Tower Talks serve as the debut installment of the fourth year of Arne Hendriks100 Years of Learning masterclass. Co-curated with Clemens Driessen, the talks investigate what can be learned from other-than-human species and interspecies collaborative activities.

In the process of learning by doing the towers have become generous, unpredictable, humorous multispecies teachers on how to infuse dead urban environments with wild and feral life. Once a month, we invite guest speakers, do-ers and thinkers to translate some of the messages the towers share with us.

The event is intended to foster collaborative learning and encourage innovative thinking that goes beyond conventional perceptions. What makes it particularly intriguing is that there is no predetermined outcome- rather, we chart our course together as we embark on a journey of discovery. Findings are discussed in a circle, creating a space for open dialogue and collaboration while enjoying a mushroom-based dish.

Keep an eye on the calendar for the most current talks, and come along as we explore new horizons!