5. Clemens Tomlow

Monsters Under the Bed

by Clemens Tomlow

12 Apr 2024
14 Jul 2024

Over de hele wereld worden monsters gebruikt om kinderen af te schrikken. Maar het zijn dezelfde sprookjes die aantonen dat wat we in onze maatschappij monsterlijk vinden vaak eerder onbegrepen is. ‘Monsters Under the Bed’ is een persoonlijke zoektocht die alles wat anders en onbegrepen is, viert. Clemens vraagt ons om stil te staan bij wat we eng of gevaarlijk vinden en om ons open te stellen voor het idee dat wat we eng vinden misschien niet zo goed begrijpen.


Close up of One of the Monsters - Monsters Under The Bed By Clemens Tomlow "Monsters Under the Bed" is a personal journey that celebrates all that is different and misunderstood. Clemens invites us to consider what we find frightening or risky and to embrace the notion that what we fear may not be thoroughly understood. Vu Ha

Scary or misunderstood?

Things that are different are often approached with fear or caution. People are affraid of each other, of things in nature, of other cultures, in short: things they don't understand. In many cultures we learn about the "Monster" that is misunderstood rather than scary from Frankenstein's Monster to Medusa to Djins. In our contemporary culture we constantly create new scare creatures: "confused people", migrants and even Japanese knotweed. In his work, Clemens invites us to celebrate things that are different about one and other. 

About the Artist

Clemens Tomlow is an alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven. Interested in the world of textiles and storytelling, he mainly works as an artist / costume designer but sees himself as an interdisciplinary maker.

Japanese Knotweed Season

This exhibition is part of the Japanese Knotweed Season. A recurring festival in which we explore our cultural relationship with plants.

Mediamatic organizes a program every spring around Japanese knotweed, a fast-growing plant known in Europe for its intrusive properties. What many do not know, however, is that this plant species has a host of positive properties. During this festival, we explore how to live in harmony with this controversial plant.

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