Textile Lab Workshop X All:

Sewing New Life

Transform your old clothes into trendy new bags

22 Jun 2024

Do you love a piece of clothing but it doesn't quite fit anymore? Don't toss it! In this workshop, Kristin Maurer and Daniela Tiben will teach you how to transform your old favourites into a stylish, multi purpose bag that can take multiple forms! With a few zips here and there your bag can transform into a purse, hand bag or even a large tote all in one.

Kids are welcomed! Experiment and learn together the magic of transforming your clothing.



Kristin Maurer Sewing With Denim Behind an Industrial Sewing Machine - In the photo, you can see Kristin working on a denim piece Vu Ha

What you will do 

We will use the fabric from your old items of clothing, cut into them and add some buttons and zippers, turning them into multi functional hand bags. Bring along as many pieces of clothing as you can and we will teach you how to transform them, assisting you with the technical alterations and making. We specifically don't focus on high-end sewing or other textile work, Kristin and Daniela will teach you simple techniques for both machine and hand sewing so there's no need to worry if you are inexperienced in this field. Anyone can do it, experience is not required, and we work in a more intuitive, accessible way. By the end of the workshop, you'll take home your finished handbag.

***Bring clothing items from your own wardrobe that you want to upcycle. We'll provide old clothing, fabric scraps, and other sewing supplies needed during the workshop.

Kristin Maurer

Not everything that my children and I need is for sale. I design what we want but can't buy, with materials that I have at home, that I find on the street, on second-hand marketplaces and by asking around. I have a legal background, but since I was 13 I have been involved in designing interiors, furniture and living items such as sofa covers. For a few years, I worked as a lawyer while continuing to make things in my spare time. I missed crafts at times when I was too preoccupied with my head. That is how I started studying architecture at TU Delft and then moved on to the Rietveld Art Academy Amsterdam. Now I have my own brand; Snekkerbuks, where I realise my passion for using textile on an architectural scale. I call it "Textile Architecture”; work that translates itself into objects and garments that are durable, robust in use and have an aesthetic value. 

Daniela Tiben

Artist and communication trainer. My expertise lies in techniques such as Radical Honesty, Carl Rogers, and theater exercises. Alongside my other activities, I conduct workshops on meditation and breathwork. I also offer separate paint workshops specifically designed for both children and adults. My work primarily involves materials like thread, needle, wire, paper, and wood, resulting in various homemade household items, including sofa covers, lampshades, clothes, closets, and more.


Full price: 46€| *Discount price: 35€

*We give a discount to students, artists and Stadspas holders. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.


Time: 16:00 - 18:30

Attendance is limited to 15 people. We maintain a minimum of 6 participants.

Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.

For questions please e-mail workshop@mediamatic.nl.

Read our ticket terms and conditions here.