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Pure Data | The Video Version

3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 September 2007

3 Sep 2007
7 Sep 2007

Making practical video- and sound structures with the visual programming language Pure Data.
Pure Data is used for the creation of interactive computer music, video and multimedia works. This workshop is an opportunity for anyone to learn how to process and organize image, sounds, how to map and program physical interactions and how to process video and how to use the networking possibilities of Pure Data.


PD with many patches open -

What, why and which?

PureData is an fairly easy to learn visual programming language.
You can use PureData to operate and control video, audio- and multimedia projects and installations. It has become a pioneering application in the contemporary art field.
PD, just as Max/MSP, is a dataflow programming language and in such a language, functions or "objects" are linked or "patched" together in a graphical environment which models the flow of audio- or videodata or controldata. (When you use PD to control the input or output of other hardware).

You can choose a 5-day workshop and start as a beginner and work your way to being a more advanced user. If you want an easier start and just want to explore the PD possibilities, then you can decide to go to the 2-day workshop on 3 and 4 September.
Advanced users should be able to skip the first 2 days and go directly to the 3-day workshop on 5, 6 and 7 September.

Workshop approach

Participants will learn the basics of using PD, the basics of video and image manipulation and sound synthesis and can go as far as making your own PureData video / sound control patches.
Participants will learn how to process and organize sounds, how to map physical interaction, video processing and networking possibilities by using the Pure Data environment. Participants will be able to work on their own individuals and group ideas.

The workshop will consist of lectures, exercises, tutoring individual or group works. During the course students will work on their own PureData sound or video projects. At the end of the course students will present their individual or group compositions.


Koray Tahiroglu from Turkey / Finland, is a very experienced 'PD'er', connected to the Media Lab from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Koray gives PureData workshops all over Europe.

How was the last PureData workshop?

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