Lars Wannop

What a load of tripe.


Lars Wannop - The glass is half full of poison. Lars Wannop


Australian born, I recently completed an 18-month fellowship in Italy with Benetton's Creative research centre: Fabrica as part of their Visual Communications Department.

After this, I took to the Swiss hills for 4 months to learn to produce organic food on a micro-farm and learn the art of flatulence. When I had eaten enough chocolate & cheese and prosperity was at an all-time low, I moved to the land of my forefathers for a 3-months of intensive work with the elderly and disabled.
Graphic designer slash snail keeper for 4 months at Mediamatic, and as of June 2011 I am have graduated from Hallo© Academy for Applied Creativity in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Currently I live in Melbourne.

I am a utopian realist and language enthusiast. Forever exploring cultural idiosyncrasies, there is little I'm not happy talking about.

Special ability: risotto con noci e pere al gorgonzola.