Flickr Peep Show

Mobile phone or internet social networks by means of visual communication linked through mob tags and or keywords... what?!

1 أيار / مايو 2005
18 Jun 2005

The second Mediamatic exhibition on the ground floor of the Post CS building is about flickr.com, the photo sharing website developed by Ludicorp. Until the 18th of June.


Flickr Peep Show - Mei ’05 - jun ’05: “Mobiele telefonie of internet sociale netwerken door middel van visuele communicatie verbonden door mob tags en/of kernwoorden... wat?!” Flickr Peepshow was de tweede tentoonstelling op de begane grond van het, nu gesloopte, Post CS gebouw. De ruiten waren, op miniscule gaatjes na, bedekt waardoor je de installatie kon zien. Het publiek stuurde per sms kernwoorden naar de server, die Flickr afbeeldingen terugzond met dezelfde tags. Een alledaags instrument werd gebruikt om… Willem Velthoven

The Exhibition

Besides simply being a free server for digital photos, flickr has been able to create social networks of amateurs and professionals linked through photographs. The connections could be photographic locations, tags, techniques or composition, but are always warm, fuzzy and friendly.


The shop window style of the previous Mediamatic exhibition was replaced by keyhole viewing; the windows were blocked except for certain gaps into which a visitor can peer to see the Mediamatic flickr installation.


Users could interact with the installation by text messaging tags (keywords) to the server, after which the photographs on flickr tagged with those specific keywords started showing up on the screens of the the installation.


During the opening of the exhibition on May 1st, Martin Butler's performance Ritter, Dene, Voss was to be seen.