The Act of Tasting

Bierberaad 05: Hans Warning, SNAB, Simon Buijs, Etienne van Mil, Sander Nederveen, Thomas Schroën,

6 Feb 2015

Does your beer taste like burned rubber? When it comes to the act of tasting beer you don’t have to be a pro to distinguish between different flavours. All you need is some expert guidance, a curious mind and a fair pair of taste buds. Tonight we will put our senses to the test. Join our beer tasting work-out, discover your preferences and learn how to navigate through the overwhelming world of beer.

With: Hans Warning, Sander Nederveen, Etienne van Wiel, Simon Buijs, Tomas Schroën and beer curator Henriette Waal. Plus 6 tastings!

Food and "How to brew beer" intro at 19:00. Talks at 20:00


Tomas Schroën - Beer story teller and expert Tomas Schroën.


Intro: How To Brew Beer, by Simon Buijs
For those who are unfamiliar with the process of beer brewing we invited Simon Buijs to give a short introduction on 'How To Brew Beer'. Starting at 19:00.

The Tasting wheel with beer judge Hans Warning
When it comes to drinking beer, there is much more to it then brawling and socialising. For a better understanding of flavours and depth you need to be serious about tasting! The Beer Flavour Wheel is a chart in which beer flavours and properties are divided into different categories, to help you describe what it is that you taste and where it might have come from. The first Flavour Wheel was introduced in the 1970s by brewing chemist Dr Morten Meilgaard. Since then there have been many attempts to simplify or add to this design. Tonight we will put your senses to the test. Hans Warning, head of the Bierkeurmeestergilde will learn and guide us as we are filling in our own beer flavour wheels.


Drinking beers -

Live Dry Hopping session with Frozen Fruits by Sander Nederveen
During the first edition of Bierberaad in September we brewed our first batch of Mediamatic Beer in the mobile brewery form Henriette Waal. Now, after 4 months, we are ready to taste this sour mash and see how we can add to it's flavour. Sander Nederveen will do a live dry hopping session with the use of frozen fruits. The freezing of fruit is used to open the cell walls and allow for more flavour and aroma to permeate the beer. He needs a few helping hands, so this is your chance to take a closer look at this technique.


Beer for the hair -

Beer traveling by train with Etienne Van Mil
Etienne Van Mil is a graphic designer with a passion for brewing. In order to inform the passengers of Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads) about the Biodiversity in their travel environment he took three different fermenting beer containers on tour. Each container went to another destination in the Netherlands, exposing the beer to the micro biodiversity of the passengers inside these trains. His Geuze-style NS Wild beer is fermenting as we speak.



On tasting and storytelling with beer sommelier Tomas Schroën
What happens when you combine the act of storytelling and performance with beer lectures and workshops? You become "De Bierverteller" ! Bier sommelier Tomas Schroën has a history in drama and a passion for beer. With his company he creates tailor made tastings for amateurs and professionals.


Beer Flavor Wheel - Taken from the book Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge. Image by Dog 'n' Bone Books.

From starter to pro with Simon Buijs from Bierkraai.
If you want to begin with brewing beer there is no better place to start then in your own kitchen. There are plenty DIY kits and tutorials available to gain knowledge, but it is much easier to learn it hands on from a professional. Simon Buijs from the Bierkraai understands what it means to go from home-brewer to expert. Together with 3 friends Simon started brewing their student kitchen and they are now a Amsterdam micro-brewery aiming to upscale. Bierkaai is currently preparing a workshop for the home-brewer based on the method of BIAB: Brew-In-A-Bag.


Buitenbrouwerij from the top - A view from above Henriette van Waal her Buitenbrouwerij being used to brew beer.

Spitting for Fermentation with Henriette Waal
If you ask for a Chicha in South and Central America there is a big chance you will end up with a home made fermented beverage that is derived from Maize (corn). But if you go to Peru they add another 'special' feature to the process... and that is... spit! The saliva is used to activate the fermentation process, making the partly chewing and spitting out of corn kernels the first step of the brewing process. Together with Henriette Waal we will spit for fermentation and create an original Amsterdam Chicha beer.


NS Wild beer - The NS beer gained its flavour from biodiversity of the trains it traveled on. Etienne van Mil


Surprise beer from Hans Warning
Bio-me sour mash by Mediamatic
Fig-beer by Brouwerij de Bierkraai
Latin American Corn-beer
** plus 2 surprise beers for a comparative tasting with Tomas Schroën

Bierberaad: The Act Of Tasting
Friday 6 February
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Talks start at 20:00

Tickets: €12,50 (incl. membership)
Note: tasting is only accessible with a valid membership


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Workers drink chicha. - Image found on