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You do feel scared for no reason

The answer you planted into the fourteenth of thirty plant beds in the Dijksgracht park, part of the Twijfel Zaaien/Raising Doubts project.

Latin name: Vaccaria Hispanica
Artist family: Romantic

Colour: Light Purple

Where was this made?:

Through the centuries, Europeans and Asians associated this flower to spirituality. For example, the seeds of this plant occupy quite an important status in Chinese medicine ; people believe that it can cure cancer as well as many other illnesses. Though according to some European studies, the Cowcockle's seeds, if used in wrong dosage, are extremely poisonous to human beings. The plant carries within good and bad, all at the same time. It is reassuring, though still frightening and unpredictable at times. This is why this plant has a tormented existence: it never knows when it might hurt someone. Many people are very cautious with Cowcockle, ignoring how to be certain of how to use it in its right way.

Seeds generously sponsored by Cryudt Hoeck