Jasmin Moeller, masharu (RU)

Casting Doubt's Answering Card

The tool to find out which type of artist you would have been

Designed by artists Jasmin Moeller and Masha Ru in collaboration with Mediamatic, this answering card is your tool to answer the thirty questions about life and art of the Casting Doubts project.


Casting Doubt's answering card - The tool to help you find out what type of artist you would have been. Jasmin Moeller, masharu (RU)

This unique object designed by artists Jasmin Moeller and Masha Ru in collaboration with Mediamatic is a punch card responding to the thirty questions of the Casting Doubts/Twijfel Zaaien project. These questions are based on earlier research by artist Jasmin Moeller (The Reality of Theory) and are inspired by the essay The myth of artisthood by art historian Camiel van Winkel. In this work, van Winkel distinguishes three types of artists: Romantic, Modernistic and Beaux-Art.

Every question has two answers to each of which are glued different plant seeds ; your personal answering card therefore bares over sixty different type of seeds. Each seed has its own story, its own personality, reflecting the three artist families developed by Camiel van Winkel: you can explore our online platform here to discover which answers are growing in our luscious infographic!

You can also join us! Start Casting Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) by answering these thirty questions while sowing flower seeds along the green walkway of a lush infographic in Amsterdam's newest hotspot: Dijkspark. You can visit the installation daily until the 31th of December 2016. The answering cards are for sale during the opening hours at the bar of Mediamatic Eten.