Lizan Freijsen 1 Oct 2011


Photographic installation

Fungus is spreading across our walls, magnified to a large scale and infiltrating our exhibition space.


Close up of Fungi by Lizan Freijsen - Fungi is part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. A work by Lizan Freijsen. Part of the [ Paddestoelen Paradijs]] exhibition. Part of the [ Paddestoelen Paradijs]] exhibition. Anna Meijer

Lizzan expresses an unusual fascination and wonder at the endless forms, the apparent randomness, the beauty of decay, the richness of waste, coupled with the inescapable urge to change and proliferation. The focus of her work lies in the imagination of these observations into an authentic and meaningful world.

Her installation for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition delves deeper into the visual landscape of fungal cultures, creating large scale photographs of real fungal cultures on petri-dishes. Visitors to the exhibition are confronted by the beauty in these moments of change and decay. A view that is invisible to the naked eye, the magnified images provide a rare look into this fascinating environment.

The images of the cultures were taken at the Bureau voor Schimmelcultures in Utrecht.