Book: George Robertson 1 Sep 1994

Travellers' Tales

Narratives of Home and Displacement

Travellers' Tales investigates the future of travelling in a world whose boundaries are shifting and dissolving. The contributors bring together popular and critical discourse of travel to explore questions of identity and politics; history and narration; collecting, appropriating or representing other cultures; and tourism.

From time to time, most of us either adopt a "tourist" identity or are framed within another's experience of travel and voyeurism. Travellers' Tales sways between the thrill of novel experiences and unexpected pleasures, and the alienation and loneliness of exile in strange and unfamiliar lands. The contributors review recent work on the discourses of tourism, travel and cultural politics; the effects of global interactions and local resistances, and the ways in which records, memorials, and signs have all been used to describe the experience of encoutering the 'Other'.


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