1 Jan 2003

Interactive Film @ Berlinale 2004

Join the Korsakow workshop in Berlin!

You can still register for the Mediamatic workshop
Interactive Narration for Film Makers @ Berlinale
5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 February 2004, public presentation 10 February.


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At this year's Berlinale festival, 16 international filmmakers use their own footage to make interactive films in an intensive 5-day workshop. Participants can bring 40 minutes of footage maximum per person, or they can use material provided by the Berlinale and Mediamatic.
To make their interactive stories, the participants use the latest version of the elegant and easy to learn Korsakow System, which has a beautiful and very effective new interface that uses preview movies to offer links. Korsakow projects can now also be published on the Net, the footage in the projects is then streamed.

All participants are assisted personally in realising their workshop projects. Participants need no advance technical knowledge of new media, but are required to have experience in making films.
More information on the Korsakow System and set up of the workshop can be found at www.korsakow.org


The combination of film making with interactive media offers the possibility to explore new ways of telling film stories, both in form and in content. An interactive presentation of material can offer the viewer the possibility to explore side stories to the main themes in more detail. Then there is the native possibility in interactive narrative projects to offer different or even opposing perspectives on the same themes parallel to each other, forming each other's context. Furthermore interactive projects can open up 'issue spaces', where the viewer ('user') can enter an actual discussion with the perspectives of the author on a theme or issue.
In this workshop special attention goes to editing for interactive purposes. The key issue of interactive narration and also the central question of this workshop is: how can the users actions and choices be integrated meaningfully in the meaning of an interactive story?

Where, when and how much

Workshop days are Thursday 5 February till Monday 9 February with a final presentation on Tuesday 10 February. Workshop sessions take from 10.00 hrs till 16.00 on all days. The workshop takes place at the University of the Arts, close to the main Berlinale venues. Participation fee is Euro 350, -. This includes lunches at all workshop days, all necessary technical equipment, and a festival pass to the Berlinale festival. For more information, mail to korsakow@mediamatic.net. If you want to participate, please mail to korsakow@mediamatic.net, you will then receive a subscription form.


The workshop will be coached by Mediamatic in cooperation with the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Coaches are:

- Florian Thalhofer, artist and original builder of the Korsakow engine, and maker of the interactive documentary The Korsakow Syndrome.

- Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, organiser and coach of the Mediamatic workshops Designing Behaviour.

- Tobias Hülswitt, writer and teacher in interactive narration at theUniversity of the Arts in Berlin.

- Prof. Willem Velthoven, Professor in media design at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

- 8 trainer assistants, all students of the Universität der Künste in Berlin.