Anke Wijnja

Wild picker, Nature coach and Bushcrafter


Anke Wijnja -

Anke has been eating from the wild for half her life. As a student in rotterdam, she collected "park greens," out of curiosity about what people were eating here for centuries; She immersed herself in the world of wild picking, until the moment she got hungry passing a flower stand.

Presently, through her company The Nature Connection, she takes people outside, into nature. To reconnect them with themselves and with the world around them. She accomplishes this through craft workshops, mindfulness, coaching and especially with the help of nature itself.

Anke is Wild Picker, Nature Coach, Mindfulness Trainer, Bushcrafter and Craftswoman. She works from the sustainable incubator De Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord, where she also oversees the "Purifying Park. Mnages. The relationship between man and nature is central to all her work. Not nature far away, but simply in the city.

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