Daniela Reimann

Call for participation:

art projects as research in SL

Art projects as research in Second Life is an interdisciplinary and international project with students of art and computers in education, in collaboration with the Department of Visual Arts at Art Institute Federal University of Rio Grando Do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Students will be working together in project based arrangements.


SL-zkm-You-niverse - Daniela Reimann

We are looking for participants:
Second Life (SL) is the famous virtual 3D community space in which a variety of interactive inhabitants (avatars), objects, and space constructions co-exist. A variety of styles of urban space, architecture and landscapes as well as venues imaginable are to be found navigating the environment. Furthermore diverse sorts of interactive avatars cohabit in the public space mirroring concepts of aesthetics as well as social behavior of the physical world. A specific kind of aesthetic has evolved from the putting together of styles, forms, colors and last not least behavior of the interactive entities. However, since the big hype of SL in the mass media in 2006/7, only little research has been undertaken from an artistic research perspective (cp. Reimann/Biazus, 2007). In the project, students research the environment, the concept of the aesthetics and "anaesthetics", idylls as well as anti-idylls created in SL by the users. A concept of artistic research is applied, art projects are developed using machinima, public interventions, collections, screenings and the like.
Learning goals and activities
-design and reflexion of interactive characters (Avatars), modeling of behavior using the tools which come along with SL
-students will reflect on the opportunities, problems and constrains opening up using SL as an artistic medium by developing art projects
-in a second phase of reflection students will reflect on the opportunities opening up for education
-collaborative, intercultural learning in project based teams, artistic research of SL
-online meetings, discussion and collaboration
- successful participators receive a certificate (international project studies seminar)

Kick-off meeting in SL will take place at ZKM (SLURL: slurl.com/secondlife/ZKM/232/46/35). Please contact Daniela Reimann by email at daniela_reimann (atnospam) yahoo dot com to agree online meetings,

organised by: Dr. Daniela Reimann, in co-operation with Profa. Dra Maria Cristina V. Biazus, Department of Visual Arts at Art Institute Federal University of Rio Grando Do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.