Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Repent because we know everything!

Biting Radios

When J-B, Dana and Nadya explain me their installations they are talking about a dystopic future in which everything we do is recorded and used against you. I am frightened and so should you be.

Step 1: Get the disposable paper manual.
Step 2: Read the manual.
Step 3: Fold the manual around the copper conductor for hygienic purposes.
Step 4: Bite the conductor
Step 5: Listen to your sins.
Step 6: Bite harder.
Step 7: Repent.

The team really has come up with an installation that is something else. A bite-activated radio that confronts you with all your web 2.0-sins. When you log in with your ikTag a Mac Mini will quickly crawl the anyMeta system to find all the dirt surrounding your digital personality. Who have you befriended, which friendship requests did you decline or ignore, what sites do you like and which pages have you not paid so much attention to.

To activate the installation you have to take place in a old fashioned praying chair. When you take place you can power up the radio by biting the copper wire conductor. The radio in turn will transmit the information compiled by the computer through the copper thread into your mouth. The radio waves will pass from your teeth, through you jaw into your inner-ear creating a sound only hear able to the person biting the conductor.

You can stop listening when you can not bear to hear the emotional attacks anymore. As you remove the paper manual from the mouthpiece and throw it away, J.B will salvage your DNA-material to ensure an even more humbling experience the next time you use the installation.