My Little Underground

Pop-Up Cafe

Amsterdam's summer hang-out of 2009


Opening of the Pop-Up Cafe - My Little Underground

2th June 2009

The Pop-Up Café is a temporary exhibition that will take place from June 6 until August 2 at Meneer de Wit Gallery in Amsterdam. Created by Eline Mul and Karolien Buurman,
it's a place that looks and functions as a café. A place where you can socialize, drink coffee, experience art, read books & attend events, all within the pop-up theme.

Imagine foldable stools, paper walls, pop-up ceramics, one-off events, a pop-up bookstore, how-to lectures, dinners & brunches &c.

The Pop-Up Café is an exhibition & café during the day, with lectures, presentations, movies, dinners, music and parties during the evening and night.

This week is your last chance to attend all the fun!