My Little Underground

Femke Dekker


My Little Underground - My Little Tattoo My Little Underground

Born in Haarlem, The Netherlands but raised in various countries in a tri-lingual household, I'm an Amsterdam based editor for publications such as Anthem Magazine (US) and Subbacultcha (NL) and was the associate editor of the Dutch issue of Vice magazine. I also DJ and organize events and club nights in Amsterdam. I work as a creative consultant for both cultural and commercial clients. My recent activities include organizing the Dutch premiere of the hit documentary ‘Helvetica’, initiating club nights in Paris, Berlin and London to promote Dutch DJ talent, making remixes for fashionshows by And Beyond, LEW, Monique van Heist and Orson + Bodil, and becoming a Mediamatic Travelguide.
I'm a jack of all trades looking for a good time and a healthy dose of mayhem.