Nina Boas



cut out performance 2009 - Performance in het Jan Cunen Nina Boas

Sometimes a giant, and sometimes a very small girl.

Nina Boas, 1980 Saumur/France. Grew up in Amsterdam. She studied Sculpture at the AKI in Enshede in the Netherlands(1999-2003) she now lives in Rotterdam. After her studies she obtained a stipendia for one year from the BKVB. She has been active as a performance artist for several years and has shown her work in China, Finland, Spain, in different performance events, she has shown her work in the Flemish cultural house (Brakkegrond) in Amsterdam and was part of a group show in TENT during the ' Wereld van de Witte de With festival' in Rotterdam. She has made performances in collaboration with choreographs, musicians and dancers for which she obtained a grant this last year. Next to her practice as a performance artist she organizes a yearly performance event called PAE set in Rotterdam.

Sometimes a giant, and sometimes a very small girl. She draws big houses and puts her audience in small boxes, serves them tea from very big cups. Her world is a world where the archetypical construction relating to gender and class are not spoken about, but played with through video projections, live drawings, environmental reconstructions and theatrical expressions, and the audience forgets their parallels through laughter and then reflection.