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Matt Biddulph -

I'm based in London. I'm a software designer and creative technologist.

I'm the CTO of Dopplr, a social network for frequent travellers. I used to work at the BBC, in Radio and Music Interactive, where I was leader of the software architecture team, aka Head of Plugging Things Into Other Things. We made good things.

I like open source software, open data, music and radio, mobile and wireless, Unix, distributed computing and messaging, REST, hardware hacking, PVRs, iPods, python, ruby, rails, massive media, digital photography, RDF, semi-structured content and corpus analysis, finding patterns in information, the internet, laptops, video, xhtml and css, Debian, Macs, conferences, snowboarding and all kinds of other stuff.

I was in some way involved in The BBC Programme Catalogue, The Daily Chump and its chump bot, Planet RDF, Make A Shorter Link,, Ananova, Index to Theses, picdiary and a bunch of things like that.

If you want the formal details, you can read my CV.
Contact me if you are interested in working together.

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