Barbara Revelli

Mushroom Design

A miscellaneous products collection

How many objects have been designed with a clear reference to mushrooms?
This is has been collected until now. If you have more, add it to the bucket and we'll share the pleasure.


mushroomchair - Photo from the website Daily Icon

We start with a classic, french designer Pierre Paulin 'mushroom chair'; a revolutionary concept realized in 1959 from a tubular steel frame. The abstract sculptural form, creates a uniquely comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating experience, allowing the user to have total freedom of movement.

We continue with a sustainable floor lamp designed by the australian Simon Duff
This low energy lamp utilizes low wattage LED lighting technology and recycled ABS resin, offering he end user the ability to change the colour and intensity of the light.
Another lamp is realized by swedish designer Matti Klenell in different sizes to accommodate various needs.

Korean designer Heather Bayless got inspired by her childhood memory of making mushroom spore prints and realized a spice shakers. The title "Twins" comes from the typical mushroom way of growing in groups, related o each other however they maintain different levels of development, as twins do.

Still in a group is the Mushroom Forest series: the caps are on different heights and dimensions working as flat table tops. This product is developed by designer Thomas Wold.

Far away from the childhood or fairy tales influence, is the concept developed by Dunne & Raby / Michael Anastassiades. Focusing on 'irrational but real anxieties such as the fear of nuclear annihilation', as they define it, this design studio treats this phobias with a bit of humor, transforming the nuclear bomb in a huggable furniture produced in different sizes.

Last but not least, we grow from furniture to urban architecture through the mushroom form 'metropol parasol' of Jurgen Mayer in Seville, Spain.