Barbara Revelli

Growing Jewelry

Have you ever thought you might find mycelium around your neck!?


mycelium_pendant - Barbara Revelli

Mycelium Pendant is a jewellery piece developed by Australian-based designer Elliat Rich.
Her work is focused on finding sustainable design solution that emphasize the "poetry of humble pleasure".
A new definition of sustainable design, indeed, not focused on new materials but more on a new way of thinking.

The Mycelium Pendant, for example, is a growing object and its owner is part of its formation or ... transformation, in a way.
In between two bezels a peace of regular bread starts its moulding process in a period of five to six days.
After changing colors, when the mould is right, the piece can be taken out of the environment and worn. At the end of the night the spent bread can be replaced with another and the cycle can begin again.

On the blog cool Booz we found something else, as well very interesting.

Product designer Hafsteinn Juliusson tries to redefine the modern values mainly the urban prospective.
If as metropolitans we are pushed to have little time for leisure and "old fashion" hobbies like gardening, well, here comes the revolution!
Your little private garden comes with you around town.
The owner need indeed to water regularly its jewelry and nurture it like any other plant.
Here we are again far from the well-known concept of eco-life but more in a new vision of the sustainable urban nature.