Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 8#4 the CD-ROM Troy Innocent 1 Jan 1996


Database of Experience Troy Innocent, The CD-ROM

IDEA-ON>! Database of Experience Troy Innocent, Mac CD-Rom, Amsterdam, © 1996 , together with Mediamatic Foundation (pub), Vol8#4 The Religion Issue, Amsterdam 1996, issn 09 207 86 4


Cover of "IDEA-ON>!" cd-rom - min.system:Mac LC - 4mb - 256colors - Quicktime 2.0 Joyce Chen_陳禹先

min. system: MAC LC - 4mb - 256 colors - Quicktime 2.0

Database of Experience 1992-94

Idea-ON>! is a manifestation of fragments of personal reality in what appears to be a living, breathing world. This approach to multimedia rejects traditional flat user interface design, and offers the user many different forms of engagement through four new realities, each prototyping different aesthetic, structural and communication-based
approaches to virtual space. It is interactivity for interactivity's sake, experimentation with what is possible, experience-based as opposed to information-based. Things may happen without user interaction, more obscure exploration may be required to find hidden places, or responses given by the objects and beings will vary, often following a surreal kind of logic.
Visiting the Idea-ON>! world can be likened to visiting a sacred site where spirits and myths reside. The information space inside the computer becomes a dreaming or meditational space, a manifestation of the subconscious where the objective contents of thoughts are stored for others to explore and experience. Similar to the way pre-linguistic societies would have a shared body of myths and legends which made up their perception
of the universe, a world like ldea-0 > ! jumbles together elements of popular culture and virtual language. The end result is a prototype of a dreamlike, surreal, communal cyberspace in which the perception of synthetic media reality is reconstructed/mutated.

Each Idea-ON>! world has a unique set of digital agents and creatures who often form an integral part of the interface. These creatures and forms are often intended to represent information structures or ideas in each world, and most forms will contain some message. sound, or further interaction inside their bodies.

Archive Diary

18-11-2014/ Joyce Chen

Not working on both emulator (Basiliskll/OS753 and Sheepshaver/OS9)

30-10-2014/ Joyce Chen

Visited the hacker space Hack42 in Arnhem, launched the “Idea-ON>!” on Macintosh all-in-one computer Performa 5300 (1994).
Resolution is better.


Launched the 'Idea-ON>!' CD-ROM on Macintosh Performa 5300 -




Written, directed and animated by Troy Innocent

Programming by Troy Innocent and Jeremy Parker

Additional Graphics by Elena Popa and Dale Nason

Dance by Liam Williams, Jane Lamott, Julie Turner, Genny Agogo. Eugene Database

Music and sound by Third Eye/ troy Innocent

Thanks to Elena Popa, Jeremy Parker, David Atkinson, Dale Nason, Eugene Database and Robyn Blake