Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 8#1 CD-ROM Willem Velthoven, Mari Soppela, Jules Marshall, Kristi van Riet, Leo Anemaet, Mediamatic Interactive Publishing, Arie Altena, John Thackara

Doors of Perception 1

The CD-Rom

Mediamatic Interactive Publishing (pub), Doors of Perception 1, Mac CD-Rom, Amsterdam© 1994 , together with Mediamatic Foundation (pub), Vol8#1 Storage Mania Issue, Amsterdam 1994, issn 09 207 86 4

Package Edition 1 :

Doors of Perception 1 easy package

This cd-rom contains the interactive proceedings of last year's Doors of Perception conference(Amsterdam, 30-31 October, 1993). Organised by The Netherlands Design Institute and Mediamatic, DoP1 was a groundbreaking conference at which leading thinkers from the fields of graphic and industrial design, architecture, information technology, philosophy, computer science, business and media assembled to consider the culture and economic challenges of interactivity, the role of design in turning information into knowledge, the challenge of "smart objects" and "smart space" as computing and communication increasingly permeate the environment, the need for an ethical and culture response to the $70-billion-a-year "digital gold rush" which is sweeping telecommunication, computing and consumer electronics, and the role of design within new forms of industrial organisation, such as "virtual corporation".


Doors of Perception -

This CD-ROM was made by Mediamatic Interactive Publishing(MMiP) for the Netherlands Design Institute.Technical requirements : a Macintosh computer with 256 color display, 4 megabytes of RAM and a cd-rom player

Archive Diary

18-11-2014/ Joyce Chen

Works well on both emulator (Basiliskll/OS753 and Sheepshaver/OS9), simply put all the files in Share folder.

30-10-2014/Joyce Chen

Visited the hacker space Hack42 in Arnhem, launched the “Doors of Perception 1” on Macintosh all-in-one computer Performa 5300 (1994).
Resolution is better.


Doors of Perception 1 launched on Macintosh Performa 5300 -

25-09-2014/Joyce Chen

Playing the “Doors of Perception 1” on iMac G4, require more memory.




13-10-1993 Cover of "Doors of Perception 1" cd-rom - Doors of Perception 1 Conference by the Netherlands Design Istitute. DoPRom produced by Mediamatic IP 30-31 October 1993. This interactive CD-ROM covers the events of the Doors of Perception conference. Together with the Netherlands Design Institute, Mediamatic organized DoP 1: a groundbreaking conference with leading thinkers from the world of graphic and industrial design, architecture, information technology, philosophy, computer science, business and media. They came together to research…



Publisher: The Netherlands Design Institute

Concept, Editing, Design & Production: Mediamatic Interactive Publishing 

Boss: Willem Velthoven

Editing: Jules Marshall, Arie Altena

Design and Programing: Mari Soppela, Sander Hassing

Sound of Music: Leo Anemaet

Poetry of Lingo: Paul Groot

Production Co-ordination and image research: Kristi van Riet

Editorial Assistant: Geert-Jan Strengholt, Dave Potts, Peter Fend, Francina Monkou

Design and Production Assistance: Chris Remie, Axel Aminoff, Jouke Kleerebezem

Friends: Rein Jansma, Paul Jongsma, Gerald Van Der Kaap, Oscar Kneppers, Paul Molenaar, Bert Mulder, Dick Rijken and his HKU students, Tim Scofield, Dit Velthoven

Conference Speakers: Dave Warner, Thomas West, Atau Tanaka, Bob Stein, Jeet Singh, Louis Rossetto, Guz Rodriguez, Bert Mulder, Joy Mountford, Christian Moller, Masuyama, David Liddle, Derrick de Kerckhove, Toshio Iwai, Kei'ichi Irie, Michael Heim, Artur Elsenaar, Gillian Crampton Smith, Dave Collier, Bill Buxton, Norbert Bolz

Conference Co-ordinators: John Thackara and Willem Velthoven