Barbara Revelli

Fluorescent Nature

Seven new mushroom species glowing in the dark!

Mycologists estimate there are hundreds of species still not identified. And the mystery and fascination hiding behind mushrooms are unlimited.
These newly discovered glowing toadstools might help scientists find out why and how these species evolve to become luminescent.

Biologist Dennis Desjardin of San Francisco State University, in the journal Mycologia published this Monday, said “What interests us is that within Mycena, the luminescent species come from 16 different lineages, which suggests that luminescence evolved at a single point and some species later lost the ability to glow” (from the website Wired).


Fluorescent mushrooms - Mycena silvaelucens (forest light) was collected in the grounds of an Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Borneo, Malaysia and was found on the bark of a standing tree. The mushrooms are tiny with each cap measuring less than 18 millimeters in diameter. / Barbara Revelli