Claud Butler

Collection: Brick Lane Bikes, London


Claud Butler - English track bike from former champion Claud Butler's successfull brand. Collection: Brick Lane Bikes, London Arden de Raaij, Andreas Conradi

With: Claud Butler

This is an English track bike of former champion Claud Butler's successful brand. It was ridden by R.Birkett at Herne Hill. Normally this model is found in red, green or blue, but after the Herne Hill race this bike was converted into a trophy with a gold finish. It was shown with pride at the Herne Hill Track.

Claud Butler

After his career as a club rider, Claud Butler turned into a salesman like no other, throwing annual parties and producing advertisements, souvenirs and special models to promote his brand. He had a nose for novelties and smartly incorporated new developments in fashionable bikes. Many international cyclists were sponsored by Claud Butler and rode to victory on his bikes.

He was the true King of lightweights indeed.