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Bright Bikes, Big City

Make your bike seen with retroreflective vinyl

As part of the Sur Place exhibition, Mediamatic will be organizing tons of salons, parties, film screenings and workshops. The first of these workshops takes place on Saturday June 12. Join us and make your bike visible to the world using retroreflective vinyl.


Bright Bike with retroreflective vinyl by Mike Mandiberg -

The Bright Bike project is the brainchild of Michael Mandiberg, senior fellow at Eyebeam (New York). A Bright Bike is a Retroreflective Vinyl coated bike. It's like coating your bike with a big sticker that turns ultra-bright in headlights.

During this workshop you can use one of the pre-made kits supplied by Michael. You can choose between caterpillar or pin stripes, and from a small selection of colors. Or you can cut out your own design. There will be a range of retroreflective vinyl in various colors. Great for people who want to cover their bike in stars or flowers, or whatever shapes and forms rock your bike loving socks.

To make a reservation, or get more information, click here.

Coming up: Pinstriping Workshop on June 26th.