Mediamatic Dis-, Crash- and CustomCourses

Modelling interactive processes and user experiences

Mediamatic workshops are open to everyone who wants to explore the possibilities of interactive media projects. Whether professional or newcomer, we offer various models which help you make interactivity work for your project.


Mediamatic workshops - Interactive Storytelling for documentary film makers workshop at IDFA 2005 photo by Bea Correa

Think & Design Interactivity

The layout of each workshop follows an interdisciplinary approach. Since 1986 Mediamatic has explored the relations between different audio-visual media. Our research is also strongly focused on the relations of source code and appearance. Hence the workshops offer a unique perspective on the actual design and conceptual frames of interactive projects.

For our workshops we invite internationally prominent makers and thinkers from different fields of research to present their work and views. An online reader of related projects and articles is provided for every workshop.

In all workshops, easy-to learn-tools are offered, that allow participants to get their heads and hands in the basic issues as quick as possible. In general, it will not be necesary for participants to have a lot of specialised technical knowledge. In every workshop there are assistents present that help the participants in developing their workshop projects.


You want to get a quick insight but don't have much time? The Mediamatic CrashCourse is your solution. In one to three days, we brief you on the conceptual and practical stakes of interactive projects. Browse the overview for our next "1-2-go tutorial."


Our 5-day workshops are aimed at people who want to apply the conceptual and practical frames to their projects. After a brief introduction, joint with presentations of guest speakers, you get your hands on our macs and your content. We assist you in finishing a first prototype, which you can further develop after the workshop.


You are interested in the uses and concepts of interactive communication? But you don't know how to implement it in your website or make it work for your project or company? Mediamatic offers "Custom" Courses, especially designed for your communicative aims.

What's going on?

Our research on new and interesting workshops is a constant "work in progress." Consult our brief overview for more information on current and upcoming workshops. Registration for workshops in the Netherlands and worldwide is possible online.