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<>TAG is a platform for contemporary audio/visual art. The organization identifies new developments in visual arts and music in relation to technology and pop culture.

<>TAG presents visionary and innovative work, created by artists who communicate clearly about their work, making it accessible to a wide audience. An important focal point is the initiation of collaborations and research.

The activities include exhibitions, symposiums and concerts. Results and context are published in print a well as on the Internet.


Tag Interior by Denis Oudendijk -

The <>TAG Headquarters in The Hague offer 200 square meters for exhibitions, as well as working space for members to do other assignments. The venue at The Hague also serves a monthly concert programme in the field of contemporary electro/acoustic music.

<>TAG Amsterdam is located in the Concrete Image Store and provides room for experimental presentations on pop-culture.

The events that are being organised offer a diverse picture of the current state of affairs, and there are virtually no boundaries as to what can happen, although themes like new technology, social issues, cross-disciplinary approaches, etc. can be seen to recur in a lot of work.

In order to stimulate debate every exhibition is linked to a series of lectures. Artists and performers are often asked to host a workshop or masterclass to provide insight in their approach and techniques.

The <>TAG website is a pivotal point in the organisation, providing room for archive, member portfolios, information on ongoing projects, etc.

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